CMH now has in stock new shielded EZRJ45 CAT6 plugs with external ground connection

External Ground Connection/Strain Relief For use where Shielded cable is required ie: Casinos, Hospitals, Financial Institutions Fully shielded products provide reduced pair-to-pair crosstalk, alien crosstalk, and considerably improved immunity to noise at all frequencies. thru holes allow wire pairs to be inserted thru front of connector. Works with solid or stranded wire.


Shielded EZRJ45 plug with external ground connection

Simple one piece design…no bars or liners. FCC compliant, UL rated. Use in category 3, 5, 5E, 6 compliant data networks. EZ to verify wire sequence. Faster terminations. EZRJ45 Crimping tool crimps & trims the wires all in one step.

These plugs are available in standard packages of:
Bag of 10 plugs part number: PLT-100022-010
Bag of 50 plugs part number: PLT-100022-050
Bag of 100 plugs part number: PLT-100022-100
Bag of 500 plugs part number: PLT-100022-500


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